World Bank Debarment

Projects funded by the World Bank and other international organizations offer lucrative contracts. Sometimes, however, problems with procurement lead to investigations that can damage or even destroy your business.

If you are facing an audit, investigation, or charges that could lead to debarment or procurement sanctions, you need experienced specialist counsel.

The same applies if you would like to inoculate against ethical problems in procurement, if you require monitoring and evaluation following a penalty or settlement, or if you would like to bring a complaint to the World Bank authorities about another bidder.

The Law Offices of Peter C. Hansen, LLC offers experience with World Bank sanctions and allegations cases from both the public and private sides, which gives the Law Offices a rare understanding of the process. The Law Offices has dealt with World Bank sanctions matters involving:

  • Complaints (against another bidder)
  • Corruption
  • Due process
  • Fraud
  • Obstruction
  • Penalty Assessment
  • Suspensions

The Law Offices’ clients in sanctions and related matters have come from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The Law Offices has assisted clients at all stages of the process, including investigations, negotiations with the World Bank’s sanctions and debarment office, written filings (in a client’s defense, or on offense against another bidder), and World Bank Group Sanctions Board hearings.

The Law Offices offers a free initial consultation. The Law Offices works in both English and French, and has experience with bilingual English-Spanish legal cases.

To discuss your case with the Law Offices in confidence, please contact Peter C. Hansen at or at (202) 349-3780.