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Peter C. Hansen

Phone: (202) 349-3780
Peter C. Hansen is a public international law specialist and trial and appellate attorney who advises both private and public-sector clients on a wide range of international and domestic matters. Read More
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Renaud Beauchard

Phone: (202) 349-3780
Renaud Beauchard is a lawyer, professor and author of essays and screenplays. Mr. Beauchard focuses on issues related to international law, human rights, social responsibility and impact, the protection of biodiversity and community engagement, and responsible investment in Africa. Read More
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J. Michael (Mike) King

Phone: (202) 349-3907
J. Michael (Mike) King specializes in employment law and employment litigation in the District of Columbia. He has represented numerous employees in disputes involving a wide range of issues. Read More
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Francis (Frank) E. Waliczek

Phone: (202) 349-3780
Francis (Frank) E. Waliczek is a specialist in international wildlife law, and in environmental law and policy. He advises public and private entities on wildlife and environmental topics such as the U.S. public response to the Covid-19 crisis, and the prevention of future outbreaks through improved legal approaches to the natural world. Read More